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п»їTime to turn page! 30 films to overcome a rupture
?Did you just end a relationship? Has your heart been broken? These movies will not make you forget everything that happened in a few hours, but they will undoubtedly help you to turn the page and feel much better. Do not miss it!

Sofa, movie and ice cream. It does not fail. On many occasions, staying at home and being distracted by someone else's story seems the only way to overcome a breakup, one of the worst things you can go through. We are in favor of which, when finishing a relation, it is not advisable to leverage in house and it is better to keep busy, but we recognize that to see a good film also can help to overcome the bad drink. So as we want to help you, take note of these 30 titles. They will help you to disconnect, to feel better and to put things in perspective. Cheer up!

These are some of our favorites:
В© Bridget Jones's diary
Facing the sea (2015) How could it be otherwise we started with the latest movie Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as a marriage. Protagonists of the most famous rupture of the last years, it is as if Facing the sea was an omen of what was coming for both. The story deals with the marriage crisis of Vanessa and Roland, who travel to a coastal location to try to mend their relationship. Maybe taking a look at it makes you put things in perspective: you're not the only one who just broke up with someone!
The newspaper of Bridget Jones (2001) The classic of the classics. If you are unmotivated and want to disconnect for a while to laugh with the recurring stereotypes that surround the singleness, go back to take a look, sure you see it with different eyes. In addition, from the mythical Bridget you will learn several tips on what not to do after a break. Do not send messages with several more drinks, do not obsess, join an activity ...
The First Wives Club (1996) Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn are three mature women from New York who coincide in the burial of a common friend. The three, who are divorced, realize that their husbands have abandoned them for much younger brides. Then they decide to form a club with a single objective: to get revenge on their ex-husbands and hit them where it hurts most ... in their pockets. We do not know if you have something similar planned, but at least you'll laugh!
In fact, the best thing you can do is not to lose your smile and laugh, so do not miss any of these movies either.
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В© My Great Greek Wedding (2002)
My best friend's wedding (2011) Yes, you're single, and what? Now you will have all the time in the world to take care of you, give you whims, do what you want without giving explanations and above all, have fun. As it happens to Annie in the movie, who offers to organize the wedding and the bachelorette party of her best friend Lillian, although in her eagerness to look for the greatest possible diversion, the preparations get out of hand. He will also have to face the other bridesmaids, who will want to interfere ...
Noa's diary (2004) "I want to go back to those days where I just needed a look to make us smile, where time passed without us noticing and everything else did not matter, only us". If you are one of those who needs to heal in a sea of ​​tears, Noa's diary is for you. This classic of the classics will teach you that if two souls are destined to be together, they will find a way to do it. Maybe your thing had no future, and who knows, maybe your particular Ryan Gosling is just around the corner ...
500 days together (2009) As real as life itself. Sometimes we fall in love with who we should not or, simply, we do not feel what we would like to feel towards that special person. As he says in his credits at the beginning, 500 days together is not a love story, but rather a lack of love. A reflection on pain, modern relationships and overcoming. Sure Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) seems the most adorable in the world ... and we do not blame you! Learn from him, he has a lot to teach.
Well they would have come to the protagonist a few sentences of these ...
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В© feminine
Amigos de mas (2013) Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) goes through a long depression after cutting with his girlfriend, but when he meets his friend's cousin, Chantry, he finds that person who seems to be ideal for anyone and becomes happy again. However, there is a small inconvenience to make your relationship work: she has a boyfriend. A comedy that shows that a nail takes out another nail ... although it is not easy at first.
Annie Hall (1977) If you have never known how to leave someone or have thought about relationships, think about what Woody Allen says to Diane Keaton in Annie Hall: "A relationship is like a shark. to be continually advancing or dying, and it seems to me that what we have here is a dead shark. " It makes sense, does not it? Sometimes it's not worthwhile to continue prolonging the inevitable.
A very legal blonde (2001) The best revenge for your ex is to make him see how happy you can become without him. Do like Reece Witherspoon, who in A very legal blonde intends to succeed in Harvard law school after being planted by her boyfriend.
Okay, you do not have to go to that extreme, but surely if you start doing things for yourself you will feel proud and there will be nothing to stop you. You can meet new people, you will learn to love yourself and to value your independence and nobody can make you unhappy. Because you worth it!
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EDITOR: @ criscanedo4
And also:
20 illustrations to end the lack of love once
Test: have you managed to forget your ex?

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